Presentation training No Guts No Glory

No Guts No Glory is ment for people who are presenting for audiences regularly. What you learn is to develop the ease, the self-control and the charisma of a good speaker and to present your story in such a way that any audience can relate to it. We may not all be nature talents, but everybody can learn to present engagingly. If you are a regular presenter or speaker for groups, you want your message to get across and your hearers to remember you for the right reasons.

No Guts No Glory goes far beyond some “tips & tricks”. The combination of techniques from the Theatre and Neuro Linguistic Programming makes that you receive valuable input to become an inspiring speaker.

The two days are a mixture of plenary learning and many practical exercises. You will receive continuously personal feedback from the trainers, a professional actor and your fellow participants. This makes that your learning process is being guaranteed and your charisma grows. This is an experience you will take with you the rest of your life.

What will you develop during No Guts No Glory?

  • How do you make a strong first impression
  • How do you stay calm and in balance, even with a ‘picky’ audience
  • How do you build trust with the audience quickly
  • How do you structure a presentation in such a way that you reach all hearers. Even if some people did not show up from free will
  • Which gestures support you story and which don’t
  • How do you use metaphors and anecdotes to strengthen your message
  • How can you influence the mood of your audience
  • How do you broaden your flexibility in styles of presenting

What will No Guts No Glory bring you?

  • You can present yourself elegantly and calmly. You can deal with all kinds of (inexpected) circumstances
  • You feel strong and confident
  • You notice that you are “bullet proof” and above all be yourself in front of groups of various sizes

When, where and how much?

  • Dates will follow
  • These trainings will be held in Dutch. For English versions, please contact us.
  • Location: Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Mooi Veluwe, Garderenseweg 154, 3881 NC Putten, 0577 462 588
  • Investment: € 1.150 ex VAT. Lunches included, optional overnight stay not included

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